Farstriders Community Wiki
Race Troll
Class Shaman
Guild Farstriders Trading Co.
Age 25
Build Slender (average for a Troll)
Height 6'10"
Weight 225 lbs.
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Green
Vital Information
Pets Wolpertinger & Lil' Smoky
Family None
Marital Status Seeing someone
Birthplace Southern Barrens
Current Residence Shattrath


Aetherk is always cheerful, and always looking to help people. He has grown to disapprove of the hostility between Alliance and Horde, and so he tries to avoid conflict with them as much as possible.


Once upon a time, Aetherk was a part of a group known as the Stormlords, a gathering of (primarily) Shaman who were brought together by visions from the land. However, after a long time of fighting Alliance every chance he got, Aetherk was finally killed once and for all... or, at least, it probably should have been "once and for all." The spirits of Azeroth reincarnated him, bringing him back to help calm the struggles in Azeroth and Outlands alike, so the Aetherk of today is living his second life. In both lives, however, his fascination with machines and technology has always led him on, and no force will stand in the way of him and a new discovery!
Today, he runs the Farstriders Trading Co., his own union of traders, crafters, and friends, whilst always attempting to discover the secrets behind various technologies; in particular, that of the Gnomes.


In his first life, Aetherk loved a woman named Tobyn, a priest who had heard the call of the land that drew the Stormlords together. In his second life, he loves another priest by the name of Tikay - a Blood Elf - who he feels he has known all his life (or lives, as the case may be). Oddly, Tobyn followed him into his second life, now as one of the Forsaken.

Out of Character Player Notes[]

Max skill Miner / Engineer / Cook, nearly-max skill Fisherman Enhancement Shaman.