Farstriders Community Wiki
Race Crysalin (currently shapechanged into a Blood Elf)
Class Mage
Guild Farstriders Trading Co.
Age 28
Build Average
Height 5'10"
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Left Eye: Light blue, Right Eye: Dark Blue
Vital Information
Pets None
Family Shianna (sister)
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Planet Crystena
Current Residence Orgrimmar


Aliga (ah-LIE-ah) is a kind, caring man, but is somewhat shy and easily intimidated - unless danger is imminent, in which case he is fearless and determined in combat.


Aliga is not native to Azeroth, but is one of a race called Crysalin, a very magical, elf-like race who hail from their small, faraway planet called Crystena; he is currently shapechanged into a Blood Elf to fit in with the races of Azeroth. After a long and trying quest against a great evil, he begun traveling the worlds, exploring how different worlds and races lived, and looking for new sources and powers of magic. After ending up on Azeroth, the nature of the world caused him to lose most of his power, and so he seeks to master the magic of this world's Mages in order to continue his journey and recover his true power.


Aliga was raised by his sister, Shianna, the Queen of Crystena, but never knew his parents. He has always had talent for Time magic, and reveres Tymania, the Goddess of Time Magic.

Out of Character Player Notes[]

Aliga is a character created many years ago that has been "imported", so to speak, to WoW. His race and home world are completely original. He is currently spec'd Arcane.