Farstriders Community Wiki
Nickname Al, Allie
Title Darnassus Shieldmaiden
Race Kaldorei
Class Warrior
Age Middle-Aged
Build Pear-shaped and muscular
Height 7'7
Hair Bright green and coarse.
Eyes Silver
Vital Information
Marital Status Single, are you surprised?
PVE I love the lore.
PVP For fun
Raiding For more fun!
Role Playing Willingly and happily!

Character Description[]

There are many words to describe Aliyra. Tall, Disgruntled, Indifferent, Jaded , Ugly. Yes, all of these and more can be used to summarize what she is. For sake of accuracy, it's only easier to describe her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. She stands ungainly tall in comparison to even her kaldorei brethern considering she is close to a towering 8 feet. Her pear-shaped body only emphasizes her size the most from her long neck to her powerfully shaped legs. Her weight is only guessable, and she'd laugh it off if you asked. All the muscle behind the brutality of her force is easiest to see rippling in a feline-like manner beneath her pale, ashen-blue skin.

Unlike the radiant beauties so commonly seen in her race, she seems bland and (to be honest) ugly in comparison. Her coarse, bright green hair is chopped about her head easily enough, making her ears stand eerily tall from her head. It's not that she's horribly disfigured or anything. Her sharp facial features, her wrinkled brow, and her chapped lips simply make her look weathered and older than her years. This hardly seems to bother her, and in fact she seems to relish this as it scares off any awkward advances from others. While many of her race sing like birds of love, Aliyra's voice is harsh and crackled despite her punctual words. No rose or pastry-like scent follows her wake. Rather it's the sickly sweet smell of tobacco, which can be targeted by her habit of choice: smoking a pipe.

Character Biography[]

Out of Character Notes[]

Please, please, PLEASE keep in mind that Aliyra does not represent who I am as a person. Her attitude is unique to her and her alone.

No, I don't ERP.