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Amaretta Thunderoath

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Captain of the Tarnished Rose
Brunholt (father), Berlinna (mother), Mharnie (sister)

Character Description[]

Amaretta stands slightly taller than her Ironforge kin, around 4'10", due to her Wildhammer heritage. Her heart shaped face shines brightly with a jovial smile and gleaming amber eyes. While leaner than your standard Dwarf, she is still heavily built when compared to a human; solid arms and legs, squared shoulders, wide hips and a full bossom. Her reddish-brown hair is tied back into two long braids that add a certain playfulness to her movements. When in friendly waters or off duty, her style of dress is casual and favouring mobility. Her formal armour shows signs of heavy use, but she seems to take care to keep in good repair.

Character Biography[]

The child of a Wildhammer griffon rider and Ironforge shield maiden, Amaretta often feels like a child of two worlds. Her parents met during the first war when the newly formed alliance had the Orcish army trapped at the gates of Ironforge. Her father, Brunholt, had been dazzled by the hypnotic whirl or metal and hair as he watched from above Amarettas' mother, Berlinna, lay in a fury to the invading Orcs. When he thought she might be overwhelmed, he swooped down so that his griffon could tear into the back of an Orc loomed like death. Her thanks was given by her throwing axe between the eyes of another Orc who sought to take advantage of his exposure to the ground.

Soon after the war ended, they were married. They settled in Thelsamar where Berlinna had the familiar comforts of her mountain home, and Brunholt had the freedoms of the open land. Their marriage was never a perfect one, often devolving into clan slurs when they argued, but they always agreed on one thing; their daugthers would choose tehir own path in life. Amaretta was praised as her mothers daughter. A born warrior with a strong loyalty to the Alliance. Her younger sister, Mharnie, was much the opposite. One thing that Amaretta did take from her fathers' blood was his love of adventure.

Out of Character Notes[]

RP may contain mature subject matter (including, but not limited to; sex, violence and harsh language). Player discretion is advised.