Farstriders Community Wiki
Name Mr. Xaquindias Aazuul
Nickname Xaquindias
Title Nightmare of Draenor
Race Draenei
Class Warrior
Level 5
Specialization Fury
Professions Mining
Armory My Armory
Age 34
Build normal
Height normal
Weight 203 pounds
Hair brown ponytail
Eyes blue
Current Mood Annoyed
Vital Information
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Somewhere in Draenor
PVE Trying to get to level 80
PVP Not much
Raiding None yet
Role Playing IC in events

Character Description[]

Character Biography[]

Out of Character Notes[]

I'd have something in the Biography if I could think of one atm, sorry, but hey, at least I'm putting SOMETHING up, I will be back to edit the bio when I think of it, the lvl is growing, so I'll change it to the closest lvl when I edit the article, probably gonna dual spec into Arms, I'm not sure of some things here either, also, Xaquindias's real name is Andrei De Aazuul