Annie is the daughter of a Stormwind Guard who was killed in the line of duty. After his death, her mother, Heather, returned to Westfall to be close to her family. Heather took up the innkeeper position at Sentinel Hill, and Annie was raised amidst a steady flow of adventurers. The lumber mill nearby exposed her to hardworking, albeit rough-talking people, and the endless fighting between The People's Militia and the pirates by the coast gave her a sober impression of battle.

Profession Annie was always good at caring for the injured that regularly limped, crawled, or were carried into the inn, learning to clean and bandage wounds at a very early age. By the time she was 7, her mother left most of the triage to Annie, content that her daughter would call her if Annie didn't think she could take care of it. This was rare; Annie just seemed to know what needed to be done. By the time she was 10, members of the local Militia began noticing that Annie wasn't just tending to the wounds physically, but she actually seemed to be healing them magically.

Heather was resistant to acknowledging this, worried that the powers that be in Stormwind might take an interest in her daughter if her magical abilities were known. Already distrustful of the great city that abandaned her homeland in their time of trouble, Heather wanted to keep Annie hidden.

By the time Annie started blossoming into a healthy young woman, she had embraced her special skills, and spent a few months training with a visiting priest named Job Farmer. Job convinced Heather to allow Annie to continue training as a priest, remarking that the Alliance was in need of talented healers, and there were many places besides Stormwind she could be of service.


Tall like her father, Annie stands about 5'10" with a solid frame. Smooth skin, warm amber-colored eyes, and gleaming chestnut hair are gifts from her mother's side of the family.

She keeps her hair neatly tied back, and is generally very simply dressed.


A sharp mind is hidden behind a pleasant, unassuming personality. Prone to rather crude humor, Annie enjoys rowdy fun and loud, busy places. She is rather gullible, and can be talked into almost anything.

Her mother's influence has instilled a sharp distrust of Stormwind's government. The abandonment of Westfall by the great city is still hardening hearts in Westfall.

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