Name: Archives

Official Website: Archives

Recruiting Status: Open

Activity Time: We're active weeknights from 7pm EST - 12am EST, typically. On the weekends we're on all throughout the day.

Guild InformationEdit

We have been known by several names, on several servers, through several games.

Our guild is an OOC guild that does not exist, in character, within the game's environment. This means that while our guild members are free to create whatever character stories and alignments they wish, they also must come up with RP connections to other guild members on their own. There's no free "Hey, you're a member, too?" connection.

Our roleplay is mature but not ERP. We play villains as well as heroes, and often choose to blur that line in our stories as happens in real life. The only limit is that our characters and stories must fit within established gamelore; we have no vampires, gods, dragons, demons, furries, or transplants from other fictional worlds.

While we have aspirations to see all of the raid-level content in the games we play, including original content, we are not and never will be a raiding guild. We are focused entirely on balancing roleplay, raiding, and exploration for the sake of enjoying the game. We will never admit a guild member who is only RP-friendly or RP-light; we are and always will be dedicated to roleplay first.

Guild members must be independent. Because we are a small guild of adults, there will be times when /guildchat is silent. While most of us have many, many alts, we may not have an alt of your level or we may not be able to (or willing to) log that alt on at any given time. While the guild exists to build friendships, joining us does not guarantee groups, gear, powerleveling, or money.

If you are admitted to the guild, you must have the strength of character to speak up. This means that you cannot depend on the guild to start an instance, to pick up on a subtle hint that you want something, or to arrange all of your roleplay. YOU must take the initiative to organize events and ask for help.

Sometimes, we grow apart or real life interferes. And sometimes, the people who left us came back. We are and always will be friends and family before anything else. We're slow to recruit, but that's because recruits are as important to us as long-term guild members.

You create your own experience with us. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it!