Name Armailen Windwhisper
Race Blood Elf
Class Paladin
Guild Silvermoon Swordmaidens
Armory My Armory
Vital Information

Character BiographyEdit

Both of Armailen's parents were mages, and she was originally going to follow in their footsteps. Between her studies, she spent her time with her sisters Violennia and Maikta. When her parents died defending Silvermoon from the Scourge, she was lost for a time. Soon, she took up sword and shield, and worked to incorporate her knowledge of magic towards the protective arts of the paladins.

Joining her sister in the Swordmaidens, Armailen slowly began expanding her adventures, and eventually joined her sister in Outland as well. Still harboring the guilt of her parents' death, she aims to put herself between any enemy and her compatriots.