Name Champion-General Ash'therion "Ashtherion" Dal'Serrar
Nickname Ash
Title Leader of the 13th Regiment Forsaken Deathguard Elite
Race Forsaken High Elf
Class 3rd Generation Death Knight
Level 80
Specialization Unholy/Shadow, Complete mastery of Decay
Guild The Darksun Tribe
Professions Mining
Armory "Ashtherion" My Armory
Age 146
Build Muscular arms, athletic body
Height 7'1"
Weight ~200 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Sapphire
Current Mood Always hungry for destruction
Vital Information
Alignment Chaotic Good
Allies The Forsaken, The Horde, Knights of the Ebon Blade
Pets Wilson the Ghoul
Family Kani(Non-Blood), Maygywn Dal'Serrar (Mother, deceased), Adrius Dal'Serrar (Father, deceased)
House The House of Dal'serrar
Marital Status None
Birthplace Quel'thalas
Current Residence Mulgore, The Undercity
Motto "You call me mortal? Take another look. I am undead; I am immortal."
PVE Frostwolf (US PVP) server
PVP 12k kills and rising
Raiding 6/12 10 man
Role Playing Experienced