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Character Description[]

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Character Biography[]

You want to know about Ayahuasqa? Who knows where she came from…? I think the Vale itself birthed her. She is the wild one, the perfect jungle child. Were she the only person alive on the realm, she would still be just as content. Unflappable, patient as the sun, driven by wanderlust, and forever saturated in that nasty jungle juice and immersed in a cloud of smoke from the crazy leaf…

How I envy her perfect, unwavering serenity. She wants for nothing. Would that we all could find just a portion of her inner peace.

She claims she talks to spirits and the dead. More and more I’m beginning to believe her. I think she's a prophet.

Seems like I recall her mentioning once that Gart Mistrunner was her distant cousin, now that I think about it...

Hm. What else?

Were I not Quellaxu, I would want to be Ayahuasqa.

- Quellaxu

Out of Character Notes[]

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