Vital Information

Character Description

Balikk is slightly tall for a human, about 6'3, and has a light build. He is not as muscular as most death knights and appears as though he was more of a caster in his previous life. He has long blond hair that goes almost to his shoulders and is cut in a choppy fashion and he is usally seen with a short beard. He is very well preserved and from a distance apears a normal human man apart from his bright blue glowing eyes.

Character Biography

Balikk's history is one that few people truely know. He usually just tells people that he cannot remember anything about his life before being resurrected as a death knight. It is clear from his reaction to being questioned about his past that he has done things that he is not proud of, and holds the secrets of his life close to himself. 

 Since the regaining of his free will Balikk has made a considerable effort to try and be helpfull to all who need it, in an attempt to atone for his dark past. He has recently been hunting the demons of the burning legion but after mastering the powers of his new undead boby will move against the Lich King.

Out of Character Notes

im new to rp, this is my first guy and im looking for a guild and random rp anytime
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