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Vital Information

Character Description[]

Balynese's most striking feature is her eyes. A quiet, watchful person anyway, she takes in the world around her with such an expression of astonishment that her eyes seem to take up the entireity of her face. Her body is long and lean, and almost always filthy from running around the forests of Azeroth. Her long, aqua colored hair falls down her back without restraint, and is usually matted and tangled with bits of foliage. She usually smells of dirt and fur - a wild, earthy, but not eaxactly unplesant scent. When she walks, she places her feet down toe-heel, so that her step is quieter, and her voice is a soft, somewhat husky rasp. Although she has many pets, she prefers cats for her companions, and is most often seen in the company of a spotted snow leopard who also doubles as her mount.

Character Biography[]

Balynese is, in a word, broken.

Her age, family, and place of birth are all blanks, for the most part. There are fuzzy memories of being a child in a house with people who may have been parents, but there is no recolection of names or faces. The best Baly would be able to tell anyone, if anyone pressed her, was that someone bad came, and Something Bad happened. She fled into the forests and somehow managed to survive, half feral, ever since.

Only recently has Baly begun to venture out once again into, as she calls it, "the world of men." The changes she has seen in the forests of Azeroth alarm and frighten her, and so she seeks to find a way to help stop whatever it is, even though she doesn't understand it. She is fascinated by everything she sees, and struggles with awe whenever she is spoken to, but she is somewhat terrified by others of her own kind. Because she has lived alone for so long, she has almost forgotten the art of verbal communication, and will sometimes struggle for words. She seems to have little to no understanding of personal danger.

Out of Character Notes[]

Lately I've been playing hordeside more often than not, but I'm always up for rp. Baly is damned hard to rp with simply because she *is* so broken - a fact I didn't realize until the first few times I tried. I'm one of those writers who lets the characters' personalities form themselves, who gets continually bossed around by said characters, and who refers to them as if they were real people - so Baly is going to have to work herself out with time, and when she's ready to tell me the rest of her story, I'll be ready to listen. Until then, if there's any charitable, patient soul out there willing to meet up with/befriend/attempt to help her, just drop me a line in-game.