Blazing Saddles
Guild Information
Recruiting All players
Activity Time 24/7
Type Regular
Contact Moemoemoe or any of the officers.

Guild DescriptionEdit

  1. Blazing Saddles! The Breakfast of Champions!
    1. Pay vendor prices for things taken from the guild bank.
    2. Keep guild chat friendly and light. No abusive misbehavior.
    3. Don't beg for runs, or gold.
    4. For promotion, RECRUIT. be regularly helpful to other guildies and DONATE generously to the guild bank.
    5. Free repairs for members. 10 G mount money at lvl 30.
    6. If you are absent 28 days you will be kicked.
    7. Generally, obey the Guild Master and the Officers,
  2. A casual guild more focused on social aspects than on gear or raiding. We limit the troll population with in the guild to keep it a family friendly environment.
  3. [In The Armory]

Our members enjoy...Edit

  • doing holiday and special events...
  • competing in instance marathons...
  • mastering crafting skills...
  • making fun of Xoriander...
  • wacky role playing...
  • fishing... (dude, like, 4 rls, we can't get Kaapsa to stop fishing)
  • free lock picking from Aquaux...

OOC NotesEdit

Moemoemoe hazings, daily.<3

Beware of Xure, she will bite.

Sanochan would like it to be noted that he is an instance whore

Hellzbelle would like it noted that she's a professional ..... I don't think we can say that on this wiki Hellz.