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Name: Caerlon Thornstrider
Race: Night Elf
Sex: Male
Age: Undisclosed



Born and raised into a prestigious druidic family, Caerlon's life was essentially planned out for him. Studious as a young elf, he was praised by teacher and peer alike. Unfortunately, the upper echelon of the Night Elf society was not as peaceful and serene as it appeared to be. His parents were murdered in cold blood, envied by an elf of lower status.

Caerlon left his homeland soon after. Disgusted with elven society and the druids of his own kind, he fled to the jungles of Feralas where he befriended he lived in solitude. He quickly learned the languages of the ogre tribes living there. Gordunni, Woodpaw, Gordok. His only friends were the "lesser" races, forsaken by his kind.

After years of surviving in the jungle, Caerlon's modest skill with a bow grew to almost an obsession, not only shooting to survive, but shooting to retain his sanity.

When the Orcs first landed on the shores of Kalimdor, Caerlon's life was thrown into turmoil. Tauren and Orcs started moving south, setting up camps in Feralas, and north into Ashenvale. His first experience with these new races was one of curiosity. At this time there were no notions of an "Alliance" or "Horde", so he was able to befriend the Tauren of Feralas for a short while, until he learned of their druidic heritage. Fearing a repeat of what happened in his homeland, he decided to limit his contact with them.

It wasn't until after the war with the scourge that Caerlon left Feralas. Largely oblivious to the goings on of the world, he left with a naivety uncommon in such warring times.

Caerlon spent much time in the human realms, striving to learn as much as he could about all the races of Azeroth. He shunned only Daemons and Elementals.

When he was in the human lands, he fell in love. Forgetting all of his past regrets, he settled down with a priestess of Elune, the first of his own kind he had even so much as conversed with in centuries, in Feralas. They lived together for what seemed like too short a time at the Feathermoon Stronghold, where Caerlon served under General Feathermoon and refined his combat abilities. Sadly, his love was taken from him by the orcs of Blackrock Spire; because of this, he vowed to take revenge on the orcs and the black dragonflight residing there.

He has lived as a mercenary ever since. At the moment, he finds himself in service of Heaven and Earth...

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