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Name: Cathiana Moonshadow
Age: Early adulthood, by kaldorei standards
Race: Night elf
Class: "Professional treasure hunter and redistributor of wealth," also known as a Rogue


Slightly shorter than other night elves, Cathiana's form is lithe and notably muscular. Her light purple skin contrasts with her teal hair and eyebrows, and silver light glows from within her moon-like eyes. Her voice is an airy, raspy alto with a slight edge of contained malice, which she often uses to mercilessly tease those around her. The vague, sharp scent of spices and herbs is always present on her person. Those who stare at her are usually met with a cool, steely stare in return.


Cathiana's story is a classic one, often repeated (sometimes even when it's true) by many rogues. The only daughter of a druid family in Auberdine, she decided as a teenager that a life of honoring nature in all its forms was far less interesting than redistributing the wealth of rich Alliance visitors staying in the town before traveling to Darnassus. Shocked by both her aptitude in sneaking around undetected and her lack of interest in more lofty and appropriate pursuits, her family politely requested that she leave until she acquired a proper respect for the works of the Emerald Dream. Unphazed by this turn of events -- which one might believe she expected -- Cathiana took the boat for Menethil and never looked back.

Currently, the mysterious rogue frequents the streets of Stormwind, using her blades to right perceived wrongs and liberate the unwary of their coin. Even among those who claim her a friend, she rarely discusses either her past or her plans for her future.

Traits of note: As mentioned earlier, Cathiana meets the gazes of those around her with stares of her own. She's substantially more fixated on violence than your average kaldorei, for whom she has little respect.


Armory: Armory
RP: Dedicated -- always IC in say and yell, and usually in party as well. However, I can play in fully OOC groups.
PvP: Nope.
PvE: Frequently.
Raid: Extremely rarely, if at all.

Player OOC Notes[]

I'm all about respect in RP. Part of that involves respect for canon, and part of it involves respect for other players. I'm reasonably flexible on things that don't patently contradict canon, but you're going to need to get my consent before doing things to my characters. Oh, and I'm always interested in meeting and RPing with new people.