This Horde guild was created to help promote comradery between folks on a RP server. I have been a long time Pen & Paper D&D player and see a lot of N00BS ask questions about what is RP. I want to help new folks or even oldtime players in getting through quest chains. I know I have dropped several in the past because I couldn't get into say BlackRock to go get the Spider or Worg Pup Pet.

Another thing as you can see by guild name is hanging out in the Crossroads to help defend against attacks from Alliance. I have a personal pet peeve against people who go in to just off all the quest givers. Now that I have some characters getting into range of being able to whoop some, I try to get out there at least every night to go clear the Barrens of things that don't belong (like Gnomes).

Please if you are looking for some good casual play with people who aren't hardcore, live and breathe WoW players, come on up and see us.

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