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Demiurgic Empire
Guild Information
Website http://www.demiurgicempire.com
Recruiting Open to all Levels and classes
Activity Time All hours
Type PvE/PvP/Social
Contact Athenelax in game

About the Guild[]

The Demiurgic Empire is a multi-faceted tent guild that encompasses a variety of different play styles.

As a guild we hold no class or level restrictions on applications, we care not if your a Shaman, a Hunter, a Druid or a Rogue. Basically what we're looking for is people with a good sense of humor and a strong guild spirit. We take pride in enjoying all the content Blizzard has to offer, both old and new, and will often do old world dungeons for those who need it (and even raids if the situation calls for it) as well as running around on such nights that takes our fancy completing holidays events and the like.

We also enjoy a reasonably active PvP life. Whether that be teaming up for Arena's or bashing heads together in the battlegrounds.

We are also looking to arrange some fun roleplay events both guild and realm wide in the future once we get the numbers back up.

As a group of people we're fun loving and boisterous, our guild channel is usually full of a fair amount of mindless banter between each other.. fun is more important than gear.

For those interested in applying for the Demiurgic Empire, please go to the following link and leave a note in recruitment section of the forum. Or speak to Morphamadol/Athenelax or Glickton/Espherian in game.

Recruitment Forum

Current Status[]

Recruitment open to all. Visit www.demiurgicempire.com and head over to the forums, or speak to Morphamadol or Glickton in game. They may be on their alts which are Athenelax and Espherian.