Name: Earthmothers Blessing
Recruiting status: We are currently welcoming proud defenders of all races and levels. All of those who wish to join our family in defense of land and honor are welcome to apply.
Activity Time: We are currently most active from around 12:00 pm to 12:00 am server time. The hours and players may fluctuate.


Eons ago, the Earthmother called us forth from darkness. She gifted us with the knowledge and will to act as the guardians of this land. But in our duties we have failed. The encroachments of myriad enemies have darkened our world, driving us to hide in the safety of our strongholds. We fight the misguided Alliance, the Venture renegades - even the abhorrent Sithilid - to keep our lands pure and safe.

Now another threat looms before us. The dark portal has been opened, and we are beset by enemies greater than we have ever known. They will burn their way across our world, destroying the great works of the Earthmother and her children.

This cannot be. Our enemies must be stopped. We must draw the line here, and take our fight to their doorstep. The ravages of our lands and homes must be avenged.

Hear me, brothers and sisters of the Horde! Join me in battle against those who would destroy our world, our last chance for peace. Fight with me, for our homes, for our honor, and for the life of the Horde!

May the blessings of the Earthmother be upon you.

Non-RP DescriptionEdit

Earthmother’s Blessing is a growing roleplaying and “community” type guild. As our members reach higher levels we will add in raiding and PvP as guild activities, while keeping an active roleplaying base. If you are interested in joining a guild of mature, friendly players, please review the guild rules and contact an officer or guild leader in-game for more information.

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