Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: Naia Evadni (Player name: Evadni, Nickname: Eva)
Age: 25
Race: Human
Class: Fury Warrior

Character Appearance[]

5'8, 135 lbs, toned, tanned skin with brown eyes and chin length blonde hair cut choppy and usually messy.

Character Biography[]

Naia grew up in a makeshift orphanage in Stormwind after her parents decided it was no longer safe to keep her in Westfall with their farmlands being attacked so often. She was generally one of the tougher kids in the home, considered somewhat of a bully, and the other's alienation of her made the situation worse. She had one close friend, whom she finally ran away from the home with. They became lovers, but he later turned on her when she tried to stop him from going back to the home for his younger brother. She set off on her own, at first doing odd jobs for the people in Elwynn in attempt to refine her skills. As she became more skilled, she moved on to bigger things, finally making friends with several other adventurers and helping to establish the guild 'Myth Guard'. Her ultimate goal is to make the lands of Azeroth safe for the humble and hard-working, like her parents.

Traits of note[]

Naia has many scars from battle, but the most obvious is the small one on her chin. She also has several piercings in both ears and tattoos on the back of both hands. Her appearance is a bit plain and battle-worn until she smiles, which she does often, at which point she glows with energy.

OOC Notes[]

Armory: n/a
RP: Always in say/yell. Rarely, if ever, in party or guild chat.
PvP: Casual, no battlegrounds
PvE: frequent
Raid: someday

Player OOC notes: I am sarcastic, genuine and very nice, but I have little patience for people that are blatently obnoxious, disrespectful and stupid. I loooove meeting new people, especially ones that strike up RP with me out of the blue. That's what makes it fun, right? It shouldn't be planned.