Farstriders Community Wiki

1. Respect. You must treat other users - and their work - respectfully at all times. Please speak freely, and even disagree, but do it civilly.
2. Right to Control Your Own Content. The content of your Character Biographies, Guild Pages, and Arena Team Pages cannot be tampered with or altered unless one of the following conditions is met:

2a) Minor edits to correct spelling or grammar, made in a respectful manner and with kind intent.
2b) Minor edits to correct Farstriders Community Wiki formats, such as to correct a broken info box.
2c) Blatantly vulgar or pornographic material will be removed without warning and the owner banned.
2d) Admins reserve the right to alter or delete any content that violates Wikia or Farstriders Community Wiki policies.

3. Do Not Vandalize. Do not alter anyone’s work (including articles, artwork and screenshots) other than your own, unless the owner has given you permission before hand. Malicious alterations of any sort will be considered vandalism.
4. Not Everyone Role-Plays The Same. When commenting on others work, or considering potential contributions of your own, remember that not everyone will role-play the same. It is good form to not completely break the Lore of the game, but bending or just massaging it a bit is acceptable.