Farstriders Community Wiki

Full Name: Glow Nightshade
In-Game: Glow
Nickname: Glowbug, Glowworm
Guild: Serendipity
Title: Kharmic Adjudicant
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Mage
Professions: Gatherer
Age: 210
Sex: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Greenish-blue
Weight: 101 lbs
Height: 5'3
Garments/Armor: Handmade Cloth items, generally dirty and disheveled.
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Extremely exuberant and excitable. Eats feathers on a regular basis. Is generally seen talking to beings that aren't visibly there.


Locked up in a sanitarium for many years, she finally escaped to the arms of Serendipity. Hoping to remember her past and atone for her sins, she tries very hard not to be disruptive nusiance. Fails often in this, but at least she tries.