Name: Govari
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Warlock (Affliction)
Age: 125

Character AppearanceEdit Govari has pale skin with black hair and a grim facial expression that never seems to go away.

Character BiographyEdit

As a magical prodigy in his youth Govari was particularly devastated by the destruction of the sunwell. Turning to other sources of energy he quickly became enthralled by shadow magic. Eventually this dark energy corrupted his soul until he was at last exiled from his homeland for his extremist views regarding The Burning Legion (even his fellow Sin'dorei, corrupted as many of them are, found his views to be vile). Govari then began a long sojourn across Azeroth and eventually into Outland. Leaving nothing but destruction in his wake as he awaits the coming of The Legion.

Traits of Note: As a warlock, Govari embraces the dark magic of the Legion. It is suspected by some that he is a Burning Blade cultist and may even have other Shadow Council contacts. He walks a path of destruction and feels nothing but contempt for anyone that would thwart such an (as he sees it) inevitable end.

Armory Link:
RP: Frequent
PvP: Frequent
PvE: Dedicated
Raid: Dedicated (I have not raided yet but that is my goal)

Player OOC NotesEdit

I'm a nice guy that enjoys RP, PVE, PVP, and seeks to raid. Jovari (Draenei Paladin) is my main character and Govari (Blood Elf Warlock) is my alt. I have never raided before but I learn quickly and have plenty of experience in instances. Unfortunately I work weekends, so while I am interested in RP events on our server it is unlikely that I will be able to participate if it is on Saturday or Sunday.

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