Farstriders Community Wiki
Name Gaenna
Race Blood Elf
Class Priestess
Specialization Holy
Armory My Armory
Build Petite
Height 5'7
Weight 100 lbs
Hair Blonde, medium length
Eyes Green
Vital Information
Birthplace Quel'thalas
Current Residence Silvermoon City
Role Playing Casual, partial OOC

Character Description[]

Guinevere is a traditional beauty -- by High Elf standards of course. Standing at 5'7 and weighing 100 lbs, she is a very fair-skinned young woman, with silky blonde hair (usually worn up in a bun) and stunning emerald eyes. Do not let her haggard attire deceive you, as she can be very graceful still.

(Name is of Welsh origin, meaning "fair one.")

Brief Background[]

Born a decade prior to the Third War, Guinevere spent most of her childhood fending for herself, as her father was slain during the attack of Arthas Menethil and his scourge army, and her mother passed on soon after due to a fatal illness.

After years of wandering the streets of Silvermoon City on her own, Belestra, a local priestess, took Guinevere under her wing and taught her the ways of the Holy Light.

Guinevere became a very astute student, and spent most of her time honing her newfound abilities of divine magic -- which she is now putting to great use, whilst on her journey to find her place in this everchanging world, by aiding others along the way.

(No known relation to Ambassador Dawnsinger, or Eressea Dawnsinger of the Argent Tournament.)


Often mistaken for being lethargic, Guinevere is quite the opposite. She does not share the typical prejudices of elves, High and Blood alike; regardless of race, she cares for all of those in need. However, because of her quiet nature, she can be rather shy and soft-spoken at times.

OOC notes[]

Guinevere's biography is a work in progress, and will be semi-frequently updated as I level her.

Furthermore, I've not roleplayed since my wee teen years, so excuse me if I'm a tad rusty.