Name:Ironfist Warband
Recruiting status: IFWB is not actively recruiting at this time. Having said that, we are not about to turn away good people who are looking for a good home. We don't use an application because, well, applications to join a group of friends are silly... unless that is really how you go about making friends, in which case, more power to you (this is not a part-time job for high school students, for craps' sake.) See our website for details, and also for funny pictures and the occasional anecdote.
Activity Time: 24/7, with raids happening Wed/Fri/Sat in the evenings. PvP and 5-mans are pretty much daily. A scheduling add-on is used to post and sign up for events.


See website for details. The short version: we are here to share good times with good friends in an environment that strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and determined.

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