Farstriders Community Wiki
Name Khromthir
Title The Unbreakable
Race Ironforge Dwarf
Class Death Knight
Level 80
Specialization Frost Tank and Blood DPS
Guild People's Militia
Professions Mining
Armory My Armory
Age 250 (at death)
Build Massive
Height 5'2
Weight 300lb (without armour)
Hair Stark White
Eyes Unholy Blue Embers
Vital Information
Alignment Neutral Evil
Pets Table the Ghoul
Family Bjorldin (brother), Tyra (sister), Johanna (daughter)
House Ranch in Dun Morogh
Motto "SMASH!"
Role Playing Always in Character

==Character Description==
Khromthir is an absolutely intimidating specimen of Dwarf. He easily towers over his brethren and outweighs them by far. His frost bitten, blue hued skin is covered in scars, leaving nearly no visible area untouched despite extensive healing. His body, itself, is incredibly muscled and toned. His head is shaven, due mostly to the burn scars that keep hair from growing on his scalp. His face is horribly cut up, his eyes thoroughly gouged out, making him look nothing short of abominable. His beard is heavily braided and remarkably well kept despite his otherwise haggard appearance. His eyes glow the same frigid blue of his other undead brethren.

Khrom never removes his armor, mostly due to how horrific the sight of his ragged body is. He wears heavy platemail suitable for his manner of fighting, which generally involves rushing blindly into combat, leaving it fairly dented and scarred. However, the unholy metals that form his regalia remains intact, contributing to his well earned title of being “Unbreakable”.

==Character Biography==
Khrom is very tight lipped about his past, although much about him has circulated amongst the people since he joined the Shadow Hall. Once known as a brutal, unfeeling monster and terrorizing every city he stepped foot in, his reputation has certainly become less intimidating. What is known to the public at large is that he lives on a farm in Dun Morogh owned by the Lighthammer family. What his association with them is, none can say, but he has been seen in regular clothes and even playing with the little girl that lives there on occassion.

Still, his regular trips to major cities tend to result in drunken brawls and violent encounters with guards. Despite his seeming "good side", he is still ruthless and vicious in every sense of both words. Khrom is notorious for letting his sword do the talking and holds absolutely no value in the lives of others.

Especially elves...

==Out of Character Notes==
Khrom is a very jovial and ridiculous character. He's over the top both in violence and comedic value. He's like the Pulp Fiction of Dwarves. He's always looking for an excuse to bother someone, so if you dare, strike up a conversation.