Farstriders Community Wiki

Full Name: Kita'jin (Kitashanakaja) Darktusk
In-Game: Kitajin
Nickname: Kit, Kita
Guild: Serendipity
Title: High Priestess of Hi'reek
Race: Troll, the blue kind
Class: Priest
Professions: Enchanting, Primal Mooncloth Tailor
Age: How rude!
Sex: Never.. er.. Female
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Orange
Weight: Unknown?
Height: Seven feet four inches
Garments/Armor: I like my blue and black robes (Robes of Winter Night)
Other: I place tokens in my hair instead of Charlie-like scrunchies. You know, like bat wings, tiger teet, et cetera. I may not have a troll-type accent, but I sure as fel is as troll as you can get.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: I am more withdrawn that my troll breathren, but I am never above helping those in need.
History:(to be disclosed later)