Farstriders Community Wiki
Name Lyren
Nickname Ren, Deathflower, Flower, Deef
Race Human
Class Rogue
Level 85
Specialization Subtlety/Combat
Guild Azerothian Militia
Professions Herbalism (maxed)
Alchemy (maxed)
Armory My Armory
Age 25
Hair Black
Eyes Purple
Vital Information
Motto "The prettiest rose has the sharpest thorns."
Role Playing Open

Of average height and weight, the dark-skinned Lyren doesn't stand out in a crowd. Her hair is jet-black and her strange purple eyes are sharp under firm brows. She has taken to wearing a black mask over her face or a rose tucked behind her ear, and is usually found in tight-fitting leather with twin steel daggers at her belt. She is always, always wearing gloves - you never see her bare hands.

She's been called a few names in her time. When she was a child, living on the Stormwind streets, her gang gave her the name Midge, as she was the youngest and the smallest. After robbing an old herbalist just outside of Stormwind and knowing instinctively how to use her plants, her gang called her Flower. She gathered the prefix 'Death' later, from friends she'd rather not name. Recently, though, she's gained the courage to use the name her mother gave her: Lyren.

She left Stormwind at age nine with nothing but her older brother and the hope of reuniting their family. At nineteen she returned to the city with neither of these things, and it was then that she joined The Shadow Hall. She was a member of the shade for over a year, but left to join the Azerothian Militia, where she now resides.

Out of Character Notes[]

Semi-hiatus. Schoolwork. </3