Name: Maikta Windwhisper
Race: Amani Troll
Class: Shaman


Maikta was found in Eversong woods by two Blood Elf mages when she was only a toddler. The elves felt sorry for the Amani orphan and took her in to their home, where she was raised with her sisters Violennia and Armailen. Sensing something they couldn't quite explain in her, Maikta's parents let her begin training with the priests of Silvermoon. As she progressed, however, some odd results began to manifest, and her parents took her to Durotar to see if anyone there could help. The orcs were able to help Maikta realize her potential as a Shaman, and she returned to Silvermoon having found her purpose.

Not being Sin'dorei, Maikta was not comfortable joining the Swordmaidens with her sisters. For now, she is exploring the limits of her Shamanistic powers, and plans to return to the priests of Silvermoon to become a healer, to honor the wishes of her parents who died defending Silvermoon from the Scourge.

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