Farstriders Community Wiki
Name Manikarnik of Northshire
Nickname Mani
Race Human
Class Rogue
Level 80
Specialization Subtlety
Guild The Shadow Hall
Professions Herbalism
Armory My Armory
Age 19
Build Slight
Height 5'
Hair Black, straight, short
Eyes Grey
Vital Information
Family None/Unknown: Orphaned at birth
Marital Status Engaged
Birthplace Stormwind area
Current Residence Ironforge
Role Playing Always!

Character Description[]

Manikarnik is young, and looks it. Wide, pale grey eyes in an innocent face, framed by short-cropped coal black hair. She is slim, and suprisingly quick - even surprises herself at times. When she first came to the Shadow Hall, Manikarnik was shy, cautious, and intelligent. Young. Now, she jumps at shadows, constantly watching over her shoulder, and prone to making inane or innapropriate comments in conversation or finding herself at a loss for words when addressed. She appears permanently in a state just short of terror when encountered.

Character Biography[]

Manikarnik is one of many orphans after the recent troubles of Azeroth. Raised in Northshire, she grew up reading tales of far off adventures and doing the comparitively mundane chores set for her by the brothers of the Abbey.

At 15 years of age, a series of arguements and disagreements with the monks over her increasingly rebellious behavior sparked her final act of rebellion - she ran away. She spent the next few weeks living on her wits and wishing she hadn't. Then, she found The Shadow Hall. Though its members were imposing, they offered her a roof over her head, and with the security of a new home she proceeded to take jobs as a courier.

The plagues that wracked Azeroth before the ships sailed to Northrend found Manikarnik in Booty Bay. She managed to survive through the assistance and eventual self-sacrifice of a paladin who's name she never even learned. The terrified young woman then spent the remainder of the plague starving and exhausted, sleeping on rooves and ledges beyond reach of the undead. When the world was righted again, she fled to the safety of the Shadow Hall's keep holed up. Her mental state slowly and quietly deteriorated, and several months later she dissapeared.

When she resurfaced, she was badly damaged in mind and body. After some to do, she was set up with Lennsik Tioran and his fiance at their home in Darnassus, and she slowly began to mend.

Several misadventures later, she is still a painfully nervous individual who stutters and occasionally jumps at shadows, but she improving. Assisting in this improvement is her now-fiance, Leonardo Cruse.

Out of Character Notes[]

Mani has not yet accepted her aptitude for being sneaky. If you caller her a 'rogue' or any variant thereof in character, she is bound to think you are accusing her of something!