Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: Myth Guard
Website: http://www.mythguard.info/
Recruiting status: Recruiting
Activity Time: Evenings (approx 6pm to 1am server time)


Myth Guard is a guild that allows all different types of play. We encourage PvP, RP, PvE, raiding. We're not a guild that power levels our players, we don't tell you how to spec, we just like to have people that play WoW to have fun and take advantage of all the different types of play the game has to offer. We enjoy getting together with other guilds to work on things, and hosting events for people far and wide when whenever we possibly can. We have silly parties sometimes where we all get drunk and dance around like idiots just because we enjoy each other's company. We're not purely a social guild, though the social aspect is huge. We eventually want to tackle the big end-game instances, but we don't rush people to get there. We like killing things, getting nice rewards, and seeing our members succeed at their personal in-game goals. Some of us are weird, most of us are sarcastic, but all of us respect each other and don't use foul language in guild chat. See Evadni or Ozz.