Farstriders Community Wiki
Sunday, June 1st
Update on the Move!
The arena listings for both Horde and alliance are moved over - but it is highly suggested that they be be changed to the new format by their authors! Some need some updates from their respective members as well.
Saturday, May 31st
Tradeskill Listings Moved!
The tradeskill listings for both Horde and Alliance are moved over to the new format and the names on the old lists have been moved as well. Don't forget to tell your crafter friends to sign up for the rare and spiffy things they can make!
Friday, May 30th
New Tech!
Congratulations to Thorncrow/Twizted, our new technical advisor (all those scarey big words make sense to him, not me)! He'll be helping us get the Wiki settled into our new home!
Thursday, May 29th
Our New Home!
Be sure to spread the word about our new home and new webaddress to your friends, fellow role-players, guildmates, and crafters. There's room for more folks, more articles, and more good times here with Wikia! Contributors are encouraged to move their articles, and our editor and admin will begin moving articles to our new home.