Race Human disguised as a Blood Elf
Class Mercenary Paladin
Guild Hallowed Arcana
Age 612
Build Average
Height 5'6
Weight 195lb
Hair Silver
Eyes Teal
Vital Information
Family House Tsh`Akan
Current Residence Shatterath


This woman seems to radiate an aura that is most defiantly un-Paladin-like, despite being clad in the trappings of that profession. Her shield and tabard bear the markings of the Scarlet Crusade, although both appear to be have been ill cared for. Even more out of place is the ragged animal pelt she wears on her head in place of a proper helmet.


Nimaria follows in the footsteps of her mother, Kallah Dreamsong, but bitterly denies enjoying the life of a Paladin. Both she and her parent have long, almost maddening life stories, and are apt to share their tales if you can earn their trust.

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