Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: Nookni (self-ascribed last name: Mal'Jin)
Race: Troll
Guild: Watchtower
Class: Survival hunter


Nookni is a fun-loving Troll, who used to be quite enamored with magic and magical artifacts, until a rather unfortunate item twisted his mind and brought the berserking rage to the forefront of his actions. Lately, Nookni has avoided PvP and contented himself in exploring those areas which do not pose a great challenge to his skills, and finally distanced himself from the cursed sword, so that he is once again content to adventure outside the forgotten shores of the Echo Isles.

(See http://www.blizzplanet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6146 for that sad tale)

Traits of note: One tusk is carved in rough scrimshaw patterns, depicting various marine themes, and he ornaments his hair with small shells. Otherwise, Nookni is known for a rather harsh and biting sense of humor that some feel borders on spiteful joking. But in his heart, he means no real harm with his antics. Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Farstriders&n=Nookni RP: Fairly medium RP, though tends to stay in character more than not, and will speak even of meta-game topics in-character at times. PvP: Light/none. Nookni feels there is enough strife in the world with threats like the Scorge and Burning Legion, that outright aggression towards the Alliance is both pointless and unhelpful. However, if others seek his help in the fields of battle, he will aid his friends and guildmates as best he can. PvE: Enjoys instancing with groups, not for the loot, but for the experience of helping others and seeing the deep dungeons he would not be able to see while alone and solo. Raid: not yet, Though I hope to someday.

Player OOC notes[]

Nookni plays generally in the evenings around 9pm-midnight EST, a few days a week. This casual schedule does not allow for much instance raiding, so I content myself with exploring those lower-level areas I skipped over at the more appropriate levels. If you see Nookni, or his "kin-sister-alt" Kanandi online sometime, give me a whisper. I much prefer the social aspect of Azeroth moreso than the loot and questing grinds.