Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: Oniaxo Destrati
Age: ??
Race: Forsaken
Class: Warlock

Character Appearance[]

What is left of his skin is scarred and mutilated. He walks a little oddly due to the fact he is missing the two biggest toes on his right foot.

Character Biography[]

Traits of note: Oniaxo is a manic sociopath. Not really dangerous to those he knows, but can be torturous to his enemies (real or perceived). He is usually in a quiet sort of way most of the time, but has a tendency to unhinge, sometimes at very inopportune times. He may be found sometimes talking to himself, possibly even in a heated argument. Many have thought this was some kind of split personality, but it is more that he will argue both sides of a problem, to prove himself wrong.

Armory: Oniaxo Destrati's Armory Page
RP: Dedicated
PvP: Casual
PvE: Dedictated
Raid: Casual