Name Poison Thorn-Ladimore
Nickname Poi; Pup
Title Face of The Shadow Hall
Race Human
Class Mage
Guild The Shadow Hall
Armory My Armory
Age 18
Build Slim
Height 5'0"
Weight 90
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Current Mood Nervous
Vital Information
Alignment Chaotic-Neutral
Pets Lots
Family Ura Blackstone; Loraquin "Wulffsbane" Valorin; Jesse Ladimore
Marital Status Married
Birthplace N/A
PVP Rarely
Raiding Sometimes
Role Playing All the time.

== Character Description==

Poison stands at a height of five feet, she's of slim build and could easily only weigh 100 pounds. Her black hair tumbles down her back, stopping just above her butt. Her eyes are a shade of blue-grey, leaning more towards grey. Patches of ice normally cling to her pale skin and have been known to spread further up and around her arms when she is agitated.

She has a single tattoo; falling snowflakes on the left side of her face, starting near her eye and trailing down to end at her jaw line.

She wears a silver chain around her neck, from this chain rest a glass icicle that rest in the hollow of her collarbone. Pinning a few loose strands of hair back is a pretty hair pin; it's the shape of a lily, its petals being sapphire and the center encrusted with a silver bud.

Almost always with her, no matter which outfit she wears, is a tattered bag. Patched several times over. She wears the strap going across her body, the bag itself resting on her right hip. Several things can be found is this bag; including, but not limited too, a pad of paper and roughly made pencil, several large books and tomes, a hand full of pet treats, odd pieces of cloth, and on a few occasions a large, black tom cat.

== Character Biography==

Poison was born to a large farming family. The youngest, and only girl, in a family of seven boys. Her father and brothers loved her and were known to bring her small tokens and pretty things when they left for town. Her mother was a jealous woman, and was fine with her family; until her daughter came along. She often punished the girl harshly -- beatings, no food, etc. Their relationship soon turned to a solid one of hate.

Then, one night, thieves attacked their home. Her mother was the first one struck down. Her brothers and father quickly jumped to defend their home. Their little girl, however, was placed in a chest to hide. One by one her family was cut down. Leaving Poison alone.

So, alone and scared to death Poison made her way to Stormwind. A kindly priest took pity on her and turned her over to Ura Blackstone. The large Pirate woman became her new mother and they have grown rather close. Poison was the second member of The Shadow Hall and it's where she met her husband, Jesse.

(( There is a little more. I'm just lazy and would rather roleplay someone learning it. <.< ))

== Out of Character Notes==

I'm always up for Roleplay! Just ask! ^-^