Character DescriptionEdit

Ran is pretty. No, he is not handsome. He is not rugged, fair, striking, or even “man-pretty.” He is just simply good-cheekbones-large-eyes-nice-lips-should-have-been-born-a-girl pretty. His body is lean and lithe, and he takes care to keep himself very limber. His prized feature is his long, inky black hair, which he keeps tied in a single silken fall over one shoulder.

His voice varies according to the situation he is in and the role he is playing. He is a very good mimic, and so can emulate the accent and tonal qualities necessary for nearly any situation. Even when not on a job, it’s hard to tell when he is really being ‘himself.’

Character BiographyEdit

Ran jokes that his parents must have been either very rich or very stupid, because “Ranendaes” is much too flowery a name for a simple street urchin. It doesn’t much matter though, as he hardly ever offers his real name to people. The few who do know it call him simply “Ran.”

Ran chose his surname, “Quicksilver” simply because he liked the way it sounded and, having little to no memory of his life before he was orphaned, he felt he was in need of one. He later gave himself the title “The Black Fox of Murder Row” for similar reasons. When he is deep in his drink he tries to use this title to convince others of his fame and prowess as a thief.

Having been forced to survive on his own from a very young age, there is little Ran isn’t willing to do for the right amount of money – and even less he hasn’t tried. Sober he is actually a convincing liar and conman; unfortunately, he has a terrible head for liquor, and even the smallest amount can cause him to grow careless and mess up with his details – sometimes even to the point of forgetting what kind of scam he was running in the first place. When he gets really drunk beyond reason, he will sit outside the inn at Murder Row and try to convince passerby that he is blind and that they should donate money to him. Aside from carelessness, however, he is generally very good at hiding his level of inebriation (i.e. no slurring)

He is wholeheartedly devoted to his protégé and closest friend, Kaelindros Bloodrose.

Out of Character NotesEdit

If you choose to let Ran con you, please do not open a trade window and give me actual money. This makes me feel bad. It’s all in fun, and I don’t actually want your gold. I am a (semi) respectable player, after all.

I’m always up for rp – even to the point where I’ll stop questing and rush to the nearest city to join in. Please don’t be afraid to whisper me any time.

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