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Name: Sahime
Age: Looks to be the age 16
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Druid

Character Appearance[]

Sahime is a very proper and clean girl, her robes always tidy and her blue hair always done up in a pony tail. But Even to date she will be seen as a cat roaming the streets instead of a night elf.

Character Biography[]

Sahime was born as a kitten and as she grew she could never really become a Night Elf. She was a failure as a druid and discarded by her family. Never having any friends she would simply wander the moonglade. In one day everything changed. As she'd walk by the moon well like she would everyday a few young druids thought it would be funny to push her in. Being a kitten she couldn't find a way out of the moon well and found herself scratching at the walls of the well. Thats when she met Suzuka, not druid, but not quite Night Elf either. She was a cutelittle girl who looked down at Sahime with pity and helped her out of the well.

Sahime traveled with Suzuka for years, with good and bad times but never changed, simply grew as a cat. She wanted to change, be known as a druid, and not a cat...but she simply couldn't. After living with Suzuka for sometime she would comfort her and protect her the best she could, until one day when Suzuka returned to her with a most grievous wound. She licked the wound clean but could do nothing to stop the bleeding she could merely sit and watch as her friend died. Suzuka knew it wasn't her fault and simply pet the side of her face smiling. Sahime would lay beside Suzuka nuzzling into the warmth of her hand praying inside for a way to help. As she slept she felt a tingling feeling in what she thought was still her paw. She woke the next morning tears still in her eyes as she held on to Suzuka who was looking at her with a smile. All Suzuka said was "You did it.." And Sahime knew exactly what she meant as she looked down at her body, finally in a night elf form.

Traits of note[]

Sahime loves attention and will always return the same attention. She does not like to be thought of as a pet and will retaliate if one tries to tame her as one.

Player OOC notes[]

Always in RP /say and /yell and sometimes in /whisper
Any OOC will be placed in ((*****))
And don't be shy, I don't bite....often.

Armory: Sahime
RP: Frequent
PvP: Casual
PvE: Frequent
Raid: Every wed