Name Saija The Fire Dancer
Title Fortune Teller
Class Rogue
Level 85
Specialization Combat/Sub
Guild The Shadow Hall
Professions Skinning
Armory My Armory
Build Athletic
Height 5'4"
Weight 150
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Vital Information
Role Playing Always IC

Character Description

Saija's blue eyes stand out in stark contrast to her dark skin. Her fiery red hair only adds to the exotic look she possesses. A slender build is exposed by the revealing clothing she wears, and she walks with a feline grace. A chain dangles from her eyebrow, disappearing under the mask, presumably to her nose. Her ears are pierced multiple times, and jewelry seems to be counted among her favorite things. Her fingers are covered with golden rings, mostly accompanied by red jewels. Most noticeable is a a thick metal-plated choker that carries a large ruby in it's center. On each arm is a golden armband in the design of flames. Anklets of bells are on both ankles, and she jingles as she walks. At her hip is a sword, varying between being brand-new or old and battered, complete with warped steel.

Her mask is sheer, giving one a clear view of her face, only tinting it a red colour. She wears entirely reds and blacks, with limited oranges and golds. Her pants are baggy, low slung and tied at the ankles. Her shirt exposes her stomach, and is embroidered with golden flames along it's hem. A smirk is almost always in place on her lips. A small wooden box is tucked in her belt, looking worn and loved. Her exposed skin is covered in small, silvery scars, numerous enough to be noticeable, but nothing that seems to have been the result of anything overly dangerous.

Character Biography

Saija does not speak about her past. She claims to have been born in Tanaris and being raised by her father. She will also admit to traveling since a young age, and spending a small amount of time with the Dark Moon Faire as a dancer and fortune teller. Most of her past doesn't add up, and she will readily change the subject when that particular topic is brought up.

Out of Character Notes

Yes, Saija is a whore. No, I will not ERP with you.

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