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Character Description[]

Appearance-wise, Sely is your tyrpical undead. Sallow skin, sunken cheekbones, glassy yellowed eyes and all. Her dry, nearly purple hair is kept pulled back in two high pigtails. What's left of her mouth is usually smiling. She is often accompianied by a strange-looking, fiery "puppy," the origins of which she either doesn't know or isn't telling.

Character Biography[]

Sely really had a lot going for her before the plague. In the first blush of womanhood, she had been gifted with fair looks, a loving family, and a doting fiancee. Then she woke up dead.

It isn't really clear whether Sely's mental state is self-inflicted regression due to the trauma of undeath, or if the plague simply melted her brain, but while Sely possesses the rotting body of an adult zombie, her mind is that of a five-year-old child.

Out of Character Notes[]

Although Sely is a squishy Priest-class, ICly she's nothing. No powers, no abilities - just a child wandering around the dangerous world with her "puppy" in tow.

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