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As the world sundered and threw us into darkness, many searched for a way to rebuild their life. Serendipity is a safe haven for the wandering travelers, the down-trodden and lost. We enjoy the fine things of life; friendship, loyalty and a bottle o' ale.

Ralantha woke up to a quiet morning, nary a bird was chriping quite yet. As she moved through the Inn, she opened several doors to check on her friends. Each member of her Order had their own personalities and quirks. Some were more obnoxious than others, but by sheer accident they were together. She made her way downstairs, making sure to skip the fifth step which seemed to creak nowdays. Settling on an overstuffed chair and desk, she pulled out some parchment...

Brethren of the Horde,

ser-en-dip-ity - nounMeaning: The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

There are broken members of the Horde, those displaced in war and famine. As we struggle to keep our lands and fight for our continuing advances of civilization, we realize how alone we truly are. How many of us have asked for help and recieved silence? How many of us sought friendship and recieved contempt? The numbers of this sadness is reaching higher. Serendipity seeks to create a safe haven for anyone who feels displaced and undervalued.

We are made up of Trolls, Forsaken, Orcs, Tauren and Sin'dorei. Each of us with a distinct personality that adds a flavor. We transcend the racial barriers and even have Alliance counter-parts that help us when the task is too much for us. When you are hungry, we will feed you. When you are lost, we will find you. When you are sick, we will nurture you. When you are lonely, we will comfort you.

We are Serendipity- a fortunate accident of individuals. If you are seeking to be part of something wonderful, please conatact Ralantha (in game).



Ralantha smiled and made several copies of these letters, leaving them in odd places such as the Drag in Orgrimmar, The Apothocary in the Undercity, Hunter Rise in Thunderbluff and Murder Row in Silvermoon City. She wanted the letters to be found by accident, she didn't need to blatanty shout out that the Order was always welcoming new members. She hoped that those who felt out of place, would find their place with them.