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Character DescriptionEdit

Ilathane "Shadowofdoom" Nightwalker is a Night Elf hunter. He got the nickname Shadowofdoom because when he was young, he used to always come in first in the "Hide and go Hunt" archery/shooting game.

Character BiographyEdit

Ilathane was born in Solarsal, before it was destroyed. His mother was a renowned Huntress, Kayane Nightwalker, and his father was a Priest of Elune. ((To be continued when I feel like writing the rest.))

Out of Character NotesEdit

BM spec, lvl 21, can be rude sometimes, but in most cases pretty nice.
I like to rp, and have been rping for a while now. The only problem is that I'm not too good at writing backstories :). Also, I came up with the game Hide and go Hunt. Its kinda like Hide and go Seek (Hide-and-go-Seek, Hide and Seek, etc.), but you use guns that fire corks or arrows that fire blunt arrows, and you have to find people and shoot them. Like airsoft, only not!

Nickname Shadowofdoom
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Level 21
Specialization Beast Mastery
Guild Old School
Professions Mining
Age 200
Build Semi-muscular.
Height 7'3"
Weight 301 lbs
Hair Green
Eyes Yellow
Vital Information
Alignment Neutral Good
Pets Imwithstupid, the plainstrider
Raiding not often
Role Playing Medium-Light
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