Name Shaum Gutkiller
Nickname Shawm
Title Sergeant
Race Troll
Class Shaman
Specialization Restoration
Professions Herbalism
Armory My Armory
Age 42
Build Slender
Height 7'4"
Weight 165
Hair White
Eyes Orange
Vital Information
Allies Raseel
Pets Muckbreath
Marital Status Married to Velayn
Birthplace Durotar
Current Residence Orgrimmar
Raiding No
Role Playing Yes

Character DescriptionEdit

Standing at 7'4", Shaum has the figure out a Night Elf and the spirit of an Orc. Her toned body and fast reflexes make her remarkable in battle and her quick thinking usually saves her behind in the end. From afar she seems like the average troll but as you close in on her you will begin to notice the determination within her amber eyes. Two small, white tusks also stick out of her mouth giving her an edge to the innocence her face shows.

Character BiographyEdit

As a young and lonely traveler, Shaum met many hardships along the way. She had very little friends since it is hard to understand her and her taste of the world was bitter and ill. She destroyed many things, evil or innocent, and wondered why she did all this. Her respect for the world had been lost and plans for the new world had changed. She abused her power with the elements and used it for her own. She wanted this to change though, and change was coming...

Along her travels, she met people from afar and they told her the stories of the world, wonderful stories. They told her of magnificent things and even if the majority of the world was filled with fel energy, there would always be places that couldn't be tainted. Soon, Shaum's pessimistic mind changed and she wanted to help make the world better. She began to wonder the places and restore them with her new thought. Instead of using her gift of the elements to punish the bad, she has finally decided to stop her old ways and use her gift to heal the weakened and revive the good.

Out of Character NotesEdit

Farstriders: Shaumy 46 Draenei Priest
Farstriders: Pernicious 70 Blood Elf Warlock
Burning Blade: Hwu 24 Tauren Druid