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Name: Shen'zala
Age: 27
Race: Ice Troll
Class: Shaman

Character Appearance[]

Shen'zala is 6'4", blue due to a thin layer of fur, and white haired. She resembles that of the ice trolls. Normally she's not seen without her helmet or armor, both things she enjoys wearing.

Character Biography[]

Shen'zala doesn't know a whole lot about her people, and doesn't speak with a thick accent like most would assume. She believes she was part of the Frostmane tribe, if only due to her similar characteristics.

Her parents, like those of the Stranglethorn tribes, also left the Eastern Kingdoms in search of a safe haven. The Frostmane tribes had been starting wars and starving for years and it wasn't a place they wanted thier daughter growing up in. Unfortunately, Shen would never learn this. She was found alone near Timbermaw ally, her parents slain while traveling through Felwood. She would come to believe they abandoned her and develope a dislike for her own race.

The furbolgs eventually took her in, even though they were untrusting of her. She worked day in and day out as a servent, more like a slave, and in return she was given a place to sleep (nothing more than straw on the floor) and food to eat. From this she learned humility, and that her race really was nothing in the grand scheme of things. She spent six years like this before it was time for her to find her own. By that time she had learned a good deal of the shamanistic arts from observing and training while she was supposed to be doing chores.

North wasn't home anymore so she went south, lucky enough to not be slain by any night elves, though they were watching her, she could feel it. Finally she came apon the Barrens, where she met the druidic tauren. They showed her more kindness than she believed to be in the world. She was dubbed Danaria and lived a rather peaceful life among the tauren, learning of the stories they knew and how to call apon nature more so than her own studies had allowed.

Currently she resides in Thunder Bluff, Mulgore among the only people she respects as one would family.

Traits of note: No troll accent. She talks at a slow pace and chooses her words carefully.

Armory: Shen'zala at the Armory
RP: Dedicated
PvP: Frequent/dedicated
PvE: Frequent
Raid: Casual

Player OOC notes: Shen'zala isn't played all that often.