Farstriders Community Wiki

Name: Sihl
Age: unknown
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Warlock
Proffessions: Tailor/ Enchanter/ Cook
Character Appearance: Slender, Dark hair, well kept.

Character Biography[]

Very little is known of Sihl. Much of his formulative years were spent training in the dark arts with the warlock masters of Silvermoon. It was during this time that Sihl learned the importance of words. A life can be taken, or given, with the mear utterance of a word. With this knowledge, Sihl, rarely speaks, but when he does, his words are always chosen carefully. He often carries with him a journal, that he scribes notes to others in when he does not feel spoken words are warranted. He keeps this journal with him at all times, often pausing in some of the most in-appropriate of places to jot down a thought, or sketch something he has seen.

Armory: http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Farstriders&n=Sihl
RP: frequent
PvP: frequent
PvE: frequent
Raid: casual

Player OOC notes[]

Came to Farstriders for a fresh start, left Kirin Tor, where I had a 60 tank, and rogue, raided quite often with one of the more successful guild alliances. Took down MC and BWL. Took a few months off, picked WoW back up with BC, and decided I would see the BC content when I got my new toon to it. I've been playing WoW for almost two years now, sans the 3 month break, and just enjoying the game so much more this time around.