Nickname Lyran, Lyra
Race Blood Elf
Class Hunter
Guild None so far
Professions Leatherworking
Age 26
Build Slender
Height 5'7-6'2
Weight 167 Pounds
Hair Auburn
Eyes Green
Current Mood Content
Vital Information
Alignment Neutral
Allies None so far
Pets Twith
Family Sir Lyranardo Tiawin III (Father) Madam Noir Tiawin (Mother)
House None
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Eversong Woods
Current Residence None
Motto "All Roight, let's try it out."
Raiding Can't so far
Role Playing Any

Character DescriptionEdit

Lyranardo is given the looks of the average Blood Elf, though some notable differences can be easily seen. His face being a bit more gaunt then the usual Blood Elf, his facial expression is mostly focused whenever he is doing mostly anything. His eyes are a deep forest green and tend to show discoloration of golden brown when looked into closely. A notable feature of his is the small scar he has on his forhead from a past event in his life. More than that he is the average height ranging from 5'7 to 6'2, though no one has had the time to measure his height. His hair being an auburn brows and hanging loosely is due to the sheer fact he doesn't care how his hair is put up. His muscular build is a bit weaker on the upper area above the abs, though this is compensated for his strong legs, mostly because he tends to stand for long periods of time.

Character BiographyEdit

Lyranardo was born on the outskirts of Silvermoon before the scourge had attacked. He lived mostly a peaceful life with his parent, his father being a Scholar and his mother being a Priest. He went and got his basic education while then aiming to become a scholar also like his father. Though after the scourge had attacked he realized that he needed to adapt to the outside world now since his world was changed forever. You can describe him as the basic go-lucky guy. Though since witnessing the scourge kill his close friends in cold blood has made him naive to people and trusting almost anyone he comes in contact with. He also has gone a bit insane and changes moods quite often. Other than that he is happy to meet most people and will try his best to make you laugh. Though do not be fooled by his "Perfect Joe" persona, underneath he will analyze you and question the things you do no matter who you are.

Out of Character NotesEdit

Yea, he's a hunter. I'm still leveling the poor guy so it'll be a while until I get into some endgame things. I can assume around January or February he will be 60-70. I do have a pre-made storyline for him made though. I get on around 2PM Server time and get off around 9 Server time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays and Fridays are who knows days. Saturday and Sunday I'm mostly on around 12PM Server time and off whenever I decide to.