Name Talann
Race Blood Elf
Class Death Knight
Level 61
Guild justice league society
Armory My Armory
Build Tall and thin.
Hair White
Vital Information
Alignment Horde
Motto If they won't help ya, torture 'em to death.

Character Description Edit

Almost never without his two blades, Talann is ready for battle. When he's not in Silvermoon picking fights, he's always in his armor. When he's in Silvermoon (or the rare occasion when he's in another capital) he is in his armor. He is short tempered and cruel. He is prone to insult or even threaten those who annoy him.

Character Biography Edit

Not much is known about Talann's history. He was a soldier when Arthas invaded Silvermoon. He died when he chose his death over his family being murdered. After that, he became a Death Knight. He was one of the Death Knights who broke free at Light's Hope Chapel. Now he is being controlled by an evil Death Knight and struggling to regain control.

Out of Character Notes Edit

Talann is a loyal member of justice league society. He is actually kind out of character, while Talann is his complete opposite and makes sure people know that. He prefers role-playing that is kept on a level possible in the world of Azeroth. He has little tolerance for god-modding and horrible role-players but is willing to teach people how to role-play, he also is annoyed by horrible grammar and spelling (What!? It's annoying!) and may correct people who do mess up in their grammar/spelling.