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Why join The Seven Kingdoms?Edit

That question is really what everyone should be asking. Why be in a guild at all if you don't feel your reason for playing World of Warcraft parallels that of the guild's? In The Seven Kingdoms, the reason we formed is simple... friendships are more important than content. This is the primary focus of our guild.

What does this mean?Edit

Whether it be forming an alt group to run Deadmines, or putting together a raid to farm Naxx, or crack new content like Ulduar - THAT is the most important part of our guild. Rather than focusing intently on end-game raiding multiple times a week and boosting our Level 70-80 numbers, we're working on being friends with one another and having fun hanging out, much like a close-knit group of friends.

Where can i sign up?Edit

First you need to register on our forums. You will need to fill out an application (it's posted in the forums) stating why you wish to join the guild which will be reviewed by officers within T7K. We really want to stay a relatively small guild and that means keeping our invites to a small amount so make sure you state some very good reasons why you should join us. We are currently melee heavy, and are looking for ranged DPS. Please contact Jessyca, Mangalor, Verisa, Clel, Riaska, Ironlung, Jagaang, or Dagmarn In-Game.  It 2020, is this guild still running?

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