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The Shadow Hall
Guild Information
Recruiting Always
Type Heavy RP
Contact Ura

Guild Description

The Shadow Hall was founded by the now deceased Nyrix Deathblade. It was formed as a safe haven for the more unsavory types that wander Azeroth. Upon Nyrix's death his wife, Ura Blackstone, took control. She kept idea behind the Hall alive, but opened their doors to anyone needing a home. Now, while they do still harbor the thieves, pirates, assassins and scoundrels they gained notoriety for, they readily welcome paladins, orphans and scholars.

The Shadows have been described as a terrifying, yet friendly bunch. While gaining admittance to the Hall can be difficult, most would describe the struggle as worthwhile. According to Ura the Hall is "a family first and foremost." They have been known to go to great lengths to protect their members, even if it puts more of their own in danger.

Having survived everything from internal attacks, being watched by both the Stormwind Guard and the Argent Dawn, having their home destroyed (several times,) having key members thrown in the stocks and having their leader pass away, The Shadow Hall is still going strong.

OOC Notes

The Shadow Hall is a heavy RP guild of farstriders. They require an in character interview and a short trial membership to gain full admittance into the guild. They are active in PVE elements, running instances, including heroics and Karazhan. They were formed March 13th, 2007.