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Shortly after the activation of the Farstriders realm following the release of the Burning Crusade; in the server’s lower population days, there was a very active player versus player environment leading to reccurring battles and enmities that lasted for months at a time.


On June 17, 2007, The Silverwind Legion was founded in this environment with the singular purpose of combating the Horde wherever they could be found, due to exceptionally low Alliance response in many territories, specifically in Ashenvale, on Kalimdor. Intended to remain comparatively small and to function as a sort of commune, the guild will always be a home for relatively solo players and non-hardcore gamers alike. Preferred characteristics of a member include maturity, enthusiasm for world player vs player, and above all a relaxed attitude towards the game. The founding members were rabidly anti-horde and found conflict with the Alliance’s defined enemy to be the driving purpose to playing the game. As time has passed and our population has grown, world pvp declined and the server’s role-playing environment inexplicably deteriorated. As the server population swelled so did the percentage of players that would be better suited to non role-playing servers. We are not an RP guild but are definitely one that appreciates the novelty of being in an RP environment.

Visit us at The Silverwind Legion.