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Vital Information

Character Description[]

Was once a High Elf. Tall and lithe when she stretches to her full height, very thin even for one of the Forsaken. Her eyes are now nothing more than glowing pits. She wears very fine robes and uses a staff for the rare occasion of hand to hand fighting.

Character Biography[]

Trelvania was born 130 years ago in Quel'Thalas during the forgotten peaceful times. She grew up in a family filled with powerful magic and was sent to the city of Dalaran to learn mage-craft. She married and quickly gave birth to three children (two twin girls and a boy) and after giving them into the care of their grandparents, she returned to Dalran, this time as a teacher. When her parents died defending the shores of Quel'Thalas, Trelvania returned to her home and was given the duty of helping stop what was going on in what will become known as the Eastern Plaguelands. She succumbed to the poisonious air and was reawoken in Deathknell a Forsaken. She found herself unable to manipulate the energies of magic as she had before. But she did have a powerful new understanding of otherworldly beings and was quick to master Demonolgy. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has recently taken offense to the attacks on the Crossroads made by the Alliance. She has formed a very small group so far known as the Crossroads Denfenders and is trying to recruit more people to help join in keeping the area safe.

Out of Character Notes[]

Trelvania was my second character made for the game. She is based off a paper D&D character I ran in a friend's evil campaign. I play one of the sisters, the brother and husband mentioned in the bio above. The husband is unaware of his wife's Forsaken status. The children have decided to keep it from him. I am very much into trying to get RP going in Farstriders, it is one of the goals I wish to shoot for in my guild to promote RP on top of the normal guildie stuff one does. I have not done much end game content and would have no problem in bringing in people who have to help teach me the ropes so I can pass on the same knowledge. I want to see a return of the Horde helping Horde as I had seen when I first got into the game.